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A smart way of handling errors in NodeJS

Error handling is a crucial part of any application, especially in backend applications. So, in this blog post, I am sharing how I have been handling errors quite gracefully in my backend applications.

Published On - 6 April, 2024

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Advantages of using NestJS on top of Node-Express

I have been working with NestJS since quite a while and I have found it to be a great framework. So here I am sharing some good reasons why I loved NestJS and you should give it a try too.

Published On - 10 March, 2024

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What is cross-site tracking and how to prevent it

This article covers what is cross-site tracking, why it is problematic, what are cookies, and how to prevent cross-site tracking with content security policy, browser fingerprinting protection and same-site cookies attribute.

Published On - 11 February, 2024

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Understand SEO and implement these actions to rank higher in search engine results

What is SEO, why is it important for businesses, how search engines work and provide an actionable SEO checklist that can help you improve SEO of websites.

Published On - 14 January, 2024

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Supercharge your CSS with CSS preprocessors

Learn what are CSS preprocessors with special focus on SASS, what are features offered by SASS and how SASS can be helpful in large-scale projects.

Published On - 24 December, 2023

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The BEM architecture for CSS

In this post, I have tried to explain what is CSS BEM architecture, how it can be implemented in our HTML and CSS codebase and how it can make our CSS code more readable and maintainable by introducing a more consistent naming convention.

Published On - 01 December, 2023

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A beginner's guide to GraphQL

In this article, you will read about what GraphQL is, how it is different from REST APIs and what challenges it solves with a real-world example.

Published On - 02 November, 2023

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A beginner's guide to REST APIs

This article covers what APIs are, how client-server communication happens, what makes an API a REST API, how REST APIs work and the underlying philosophy of REST APIs

Published On - 20 October, 2023

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Best practices for unit testing your frontend applications

Test your applications in a right way so that it is more reliable and efficient, without overdoing or missing out something.

Published On - 13 September, 2023

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Maturity is when you realize the true powers of TypeScript

Read this blog to understand a new dimension of JavaScript development. Its like JavaScript on steroids.

Published On - 23 August, 2023

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Variables and scoping in JavaScript

Read this article to understand scopes in JavaScript - global scope, function scope and block scope, understand scope chain and hoisting in JavaScript with code examples and diagrams

Published On - 10 August, 2023

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Learning by coding - the best way of learning how to code

Byepass tutorial hell. This might not be an easy, smooth road but definitely a lot better than circling in tutorial hell.

Published On - 24 July, 2023

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How JavaScript works (meticulously) in the browsers

This article uncovers the technical mysteries involved in JavaScript working in a browser environment - like callback queue, event loop, call stack global execution content, web APIs and how all these comes together meticulously.

Published On - 11 July, 2023