Privacy Policy

Last Updated On - January 20, 2024

This page declares all the privacy policy rules that are followed on this website. The author of this website consider it very important to maintain privacy of their users intact and safe.

  1. This website does not collect or store any user information by itself. It is a static website, that is, it has been generated with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  2. This static website has been deployed on Vercel and author does make use of Vercel analytic tools, solely for knowing data like page views, performance insights, most viewed pages, visitor demographics and similar information. The purpose behind this is to continuously monitor the performance of this website and improve it to provide better user experience. You can read about the privacy policy of Vercel analytics here.
  3. Certain buttons (hyperlinks to be precise) are placed in every blog post which enable readers to share the webpage on their social media handles. These buttons do not make use of any JavaScript and does not track user in any way.
  4. Author also makes use of iFrames to embed data or media from third-party services, mainly YouTube and Codesandbox. These iFrames have been configured in a way that they do not collect or track any user information. The iFrames embedded from YouTube are privacy-enhanced iFrames and they do not keep any track of the user or their activities. You can read more about the privacy policies of CodeSandbox here