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A smart way of handling errors in NodeJS

Error handling is a crucial part of any application, especially in backend applications. So, in this blog post, I am sharing how I have been handling errors quite gracefully in my backend applications.

Published On - 6 April, 2024

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Advantages of using NestJS on top of Node-Express

I have been working with NestJS since quite a while and I have found it to be a great framework. So here I am sharing some good reasons why I loved NestJS and you should give it a try too.

Published On - 10 March, 2024

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A beginner's guide to GraphQL

In this article, you will read about what GraphQL is, how it is different from REST APIs and what challenges it solves with a real-world example.

Published On - 02 November, 2023

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A beginner's guide to REST APIs

This article covers what APIs are, how client-server communication happens, what makes an API a REST API, how REST APIs work and the underlying philosophy of REST APIs

Published On - 20 October, 2023